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Residential Custom Cabinets

At a minimum you expect a cabinet to hold, hide, organize, protect, or display things that matter to you. Function is important. But, so is form, and where is it written that something that works really well, can’t also look really good? Timber & Toil Cabinetry™ do both. Consider:

  • Handmade: each cabinet is made the old fashioned way with hand tools and an experienced eye. Real wood, no composite, with tight fitting joints. A wide array of wood choices and stains and hardware ensure the cabinets reflect your taste.
  • Soft close, hidden hinges. As you would expect in premium custom cabinetry
  • Specialty cabinets: kitchen, bedroom, family room cabinetry designed for specific purposes for your family

Timber & Toil Cabinetry™, like all fine furniture, will get noticed, and talked about. But, when guests are gone and it’s just you, and family, you’ll appreciate them for the way they work.

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